Las Vegas massacre: It could have been even worse..lack of adequate security by management

Management is responsible:Las Vegas massacre: It could have been even worse.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo during a press conference

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Related imageThe shooter:A file photo of Stephen Paddock who was the confirmed shooter in Las Vegas.


In this case management is responsible to provide adequate security capable to contain situations immediately. The property management and the event management fail to provide safe and secure place for everyone. Plan to have emergency protection for everyone in case of anything happen was not available. What if this happen today, on higher scale or on a smaller one. What have been done to improve the security and safety of everyone. How to contain situations immediately is at question? Sure the public information help to provide the law Enforcement agencies with upcoming criminal activities in the wake of any events. This is about entertainment and everything is possible, from fight , fire, accidents, and other surprises.Image result for las vegas police chief chief lombardo images

Management of the property and the event promoter management left an important crucial part of the security and safety of the public to have a plan in case of anything happen. In this case there was none. Yet again the public have not heard of any improvement in case of of similar situations happen anywhere on their properties. Not to jump ahead to see none more than adequate proper professional security personnel and plans such as in an emergency to shut down the electricity and to move fast to contain the situation within minutes.